Fund in Georgia
The Chernovetskyi Charity Fund was established in Georgia on April 12, 2012 with the aim of helping socially vulnerable people. • The Home Care program aims to help bedridden older people living alone. • Children deprived of parental care are brought up in Family-type Children’s Homes. • In the day center, visitors can consult a doctor, take a shower, get a haircut, get new clothes, visit the library and computer room. • In the free canteen, 300 people get a balanced, varied, delicious hot lunch every day.
To date, there are five major projects in Georgia that are aimed at supporting socially unprotected citizens, older people living alone, people with special needs and children deprived of parental care. There are also initiatives to raise funds for medicines, food and clothing for people in need. The Chernovetsky Foundation implements the following projects: – Home Care Programm; – Family-type Children’s Homes; – Day Center; – Canteen; – targeted assistance. (You can learn more about the projects of the Fund on the Fund's website.)
People who have lost their last hope and who have nowhere to wait for help address our Fund. We tell our subscribers about the problems of our compatriots and buy the most basic things for them with donated funds. It is safe to say that with the support of kind and sympathetic residents of Georgia, the Chernovetskyi Fund is changing the lives of disadvantaged people for the better! I believe that only helping a stranger (not a relative or friend, who will always be grateful, but a stranger) is a direct path to God! You can pray as much as you like, be baptized, and go to church, but if you have never extended your hand to a neighbor, a stranger to you without counting on gratitude, you will never be heard by God! This is the most important thing a person can do in life!!!
The Fund annually spent more than 2 million lari on charitable activities, and since 2017, funding has doubled. For 5 years of work (from 2012 to 2017), we saved thousands of people from starvation, provided them with vital medicines, provided them with clothes and shoes, and purchased household appliances. Every day, the Fund provides more than 10 household services for socially disadvantaged citizens. Every month, the medical staff and social workers of the Fund provide home care to 600 bedridden patients. The Fund carried out a complete restoration of the Tskhemovani church, and the nuns’ dormitory was also renovated. About 100 employees of the Fund are engaged in the implementation of projects. The financial reports and statistics of the Chernovetskyi Fund's activities are available at the link.