Fair news

🇮🇱Netanyahu rejected the creation of a Palestinian state in any post-war scenario.

🛜📱A new Google feature will allow searching across all items on the smartphone screen.

🇯🇵Japan became the fifth country to land on the Moon, as reported by the BBC.

🇩🇪The German Parliament passed a bill aimed at simplifying and expediting the deportation of individuals denied asylum.

🧊Scientists discovered "huge" underground ice deposits on Mars. The thickness of the ice layer is approximately 4 kilometers, and the frozen water reserves roughly correspond in volume to the Red Sea.

🔴North Korea announced tests of a submarine drone capable of carrying nuclear weapons. South Korea labeled this announcement as a provocation.

🇮🇹Italy introduced fines of up to 60,000 euros for vandalizing monuments. Italians will no longer have to pay for acts of eco-vandalism, stated the Minister of Culture of Italy.

📳Samsung introduced a real-time conversation translation feature in 13 languages.

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