Fair news

  • Meta company founder will earn $700 million annually from dividends.

  • Canada is considering transferring 83,000 decommissioned aviation missiles to Ukraine.

  • The U.S. attacked 85 targets in Iraq and Syria in response to the strike on the base in Jordan.

  • Thermos cups for $750 million: how the Stanley brand is taking over the world thanks to TikTok.

  • "AI just like a human": a child with a camera helps teach artificial intelligence to learn words.

  • Population census in Georgia will take place for the first time using an electronic questionnaire.

  • The state increased funding for four religious associations from 5.5 million lari to 6.5 million lari.

  • Georgia set a new record for tourism revenue - $4 billion.

  • In 2023, 442 people died in traffic accidents in Georgia, and 7,310 were injured.

  • Starting from March 1, you will no longer receive advertising messages without prior consent | According to the new law on personal data protection, the processing and sending of advertising messages are allowed only with the consent of individuals.

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