KP "Kyivzelenstroy" got the right to conduct inspections and draw up protocols on identified violations.


Improving the car parking system in the capital is a big challenge. Many residents, especially those living in residential areas, leave their cars right in the green zone. 

To solve this problem, the program “Preservation of green areas of the city of Kyiv. Photo evidence of violators” was developed. 

In 2008, the decision of the Kyiv City Council No. 1051/1051 “On the Rules for the Improvement of the City of Kyiv” came into force, according to which it was forbidden to place vehicles, creating a threat to road safety, as well as a threat to the maintenance of roads, green spaces, buildings, and structures along the road.

According to the order of the Executive Committee of the Kyiv City Council No. 1803 dated 12/31/2008, employees of the KP "Kyivzelenstroy" were appointed responsible inspectors for the improvement of the capital and received the right to conduct inspections and draw up protocols on identified violations. Paragraph 3 of this document provided that the inspector has right, in the absence of the violating driver, to photograph his car and draw up a protocol on the violation on the basis of this. 

To identify the offender, the inspector sent a request to the Traffic Police Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Kyiv. 

Protocols with photographs were sent for consideration to the administrative commission at the KSCA, and the administrative commission made a decision on imposing a fine on the violator. 

The second copy of the protocol with photo evidence was sent to the Kyivzelenstroy CO for further drawing up an act on damage to the green zone.

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