When opening this clinic, we planned that it would serve not only Kiev residents, but also residents of all Ukraine, as well as foreign citizens. Implemented


In December 2007, the Kyiv City Heart Center Clinical Hospital, the only clinic of this kind in Ukraine, started to operate.

Since the Heart Center was equipped with the latest technology, and had highly qualified staff, it could rightfully be called one of the most modern medical centers in Europe.

As for the capacity of the clinic, then the Heart Center in Kyiv was able to perform about six thousand operations annually and provide consultations to almost 20 thousand citizens. The center's capacity is 150 beds for patients, including 110 beds for adults (two ward departments of cardiology and cardiac surgery) and 40 beds for children. Later, within the Heart Center were also opened: advisory polyclinic for adults and children with a department of functional diagnostics; a block of five operating rooms; clinical diagnostic laboratory; resuscitation unit; department of computer diagnostics; helipad for future emergency medical assistance.

For the first time in Ukraine, experts in the field of prevention of diseases and heart defects, diagnostics, therapy, surgery, anesthesiology, and rehabilitation have gathered within the walls of one clinic.

Thanks to the large-scale concentration of knowledge in medical field, it became possible at the Heart Center to treat heart defects in newborns, treat angina pectoris and hypertension, as well as successfully perform operations (coronary artery stenting, heart bypass, valve replacement, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and heart transplantation). The cost of construction and equipment of this center was about 644 million hryvnias for the time of opening. The city budget provided for about 40 million hryvnias annually for its maintenance.

I am proud that I was involved in the creation, construction and launching of this clinic.

I believe that all Kyiv hospitals, clinics, medical centers should be just like that! It was envisaged that surgery for the residents of Kiev would be free of charge, and a special city social program was also developed for this. This problem was especially acute for us and required an immediate solution, since at the time of the opening of the center, about 10 thousand Kiev residents needed cardiac surgery! 

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