In order to bring up a healthy society, it is necessary to create the proper conditions, so I contributed to the construction and renovation of playgrounds and organization of free children's art circles and sports sections at schools in the capital


A register of playgrounds for children and sports was created, and it included 3.5 thousand sites. A system of free sports sections was launched, there was about 500 full-time pedagogical workers who additionally participated in the sports education of Kyiv youth.

During 2007, 202 playgrounds for children and 17 playgrounds for sports were renovated within the framework of the citywide program "Your home, your yard".

Also, the mayor's program "Construction of playgrounds for children and sports in the city of Kyiv for 2009-2012" was developed, and it was supported by the permanent committee of the Kyiv City Council on budget and socio-economic development. The program provided for the construction of new 1670 children's and 1090 sports grounds in Kyiv.

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