Immediately after the creation, more than 300 people were ready to move to "THE BEST HOME", they called the call center by phone 15-51 and expressed their desire to get there.


On December 25, 2008, by the decision of the Kyiv City Council, the communal enterprise "The Best Home" was created. 

According to the charter, the purpose of establishing the enterprise was to provide social protection for people who found themselves in difficult life circumstances and needed help. The enterprise was supposed to carry out organizational and legal actions to formalize the life support of such persons, to make cooperation agreements with communal residential institutions. In accordance with the charter, the enterprise had the right to dispose of the property of these persons transferred to it under a lease agreement. 

I personally presented the project of creation of a "The Best Home" in the session hall. 

The main argument for its creation for me was that the elderly people are very defenseless, old people living alone often became victims of bandits who wanted to take possession of their property, their apartments. The idea was to enable a person to start living again in normal, comfortable conditions. It was also important to protect a person from one of the most terrible troubles in old age - loneliness. In such an institution, that problem would be out of the question. People of the same age, with the same interests, could spend time together: sing, play chess, just talk, sitting in the fresh air - they could just live! 

It is important to emphasize once again that the old people could move into the "Best Home" by their will, and their apartments continued to be their property, because first of all, it was important to me that the law be respected, and the law protects the right of property of any person up until his death. 

In accordance with the agreement, pensioners transferred 75% of their pension to the nursing home and received care and food in return. But the most significant source of funding should have been their apartments that were supposed to be rented.

The newly created enterprise "The Best Home" was located on the basis of a boarding house for war and labor veterans in Pushcha-Voditsa. There were two two-story residential buildings, a canteen, a utility block, a garage, an office building, and a large area at fresh air. 

The rooms had everything you needed for life: bed, bedside table, table, chair. Each guest could independently decorate his room with a picture, flowers, or photographs of his loved ones. 

Immediately after its creation, more than 300 people were ready to move to the "The Best Home”, they called the call center by phone 15-51 and expressed their desire to get there.

On December 28, 2010, the City Council liquidated the "The Best Home". At the time of liquidation, there were 13 people living there, who were supposed to be resettled in other nursing homes. 

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