I understood and repeatedly said that 90% of the taxis in Kyiv do not meet any standards, and this was a serious problem!


As part of Kyiv's preparations for hosting Euro 2012, it was very important to provide the guests of our city with modern and high-quality transport services, in particular taxi services. 

90% of taxis Kyiv do not meet any standards, and this is a serious problem. 

In March 2009, in accordance with my order, a working group was created to implement the "Municipal Taxi" program in Kyiv. Evgeny Alfredovich Chervonenko, the first deputy chairman of the KSCA at that time, was appointed its head. 

We involved representatives of trade union organizations and operating market operators in the work on this program. 

A municipal taxi should have had a single license plate sample worked out by the Administration and agreed with the Department of the Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It was planned to provide such a plate to the carrier in accordance with a preliminary agreement and, most importantly, after the candidate for the municipal taxi driver passed transparent and honest exams on knowledge of traffic rules.

For the future, it was planned to develop a unified color scheme for all municipal taxi cars, as well as introduce many other additional services for customers: a helpline, a lost and found office, etc.

It is important that this program was also designed to combat private cabs, which could not provide the client with a decent level of service. All municipal taxi cars had to be equipped with GPS-navigators and counters. 

It was very important for me not only to create a new taxi service, but also to establish a dialogue with existing market participants, to start a dialogue with entrepreneurs of the entire transport sector.

I did my best to ensure that the best city had the best transportation.

In February 2009, I hold a meeting with representatives of the transport sector, including taxi companies, and offered them cooperation. The city authorities, in my person, were interested in ensuring that the residents of Kiev receive quality services.

Since 2010, this program and its development started winding down.  

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